In 2000, Douglas Mott's move to a community of artists near a river proved catalytic to his considering art as a viable form of self-expression. It was at this time that he moved past the traditional boundaries of designer and craftsman and started creating a body of work in the realm of art.

Mott values the materials of wood and metal partly because of their historic precedent. Each suggests different approaches to line and form, the combination of which are vital to his compositions. His attraction to natural themes intermingle with deeply personal references to create expressions of new ideas.

Influenced by a social awareness to the responsibility of conveying a positive message, Mott uses figural and non-represenational forms to create images of joy, passion, hope, humor and peace.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to join in the ongoing dialog about art and life, serious or otherwise. The studio / workshop is located in rural Chester County Pennsylvania, 50 miles west of Philadelphia. For more specific directions please feel free to call 610 913 6270.